About Us

Source BioScience is a trusted provider of state of the art products and services to the healthcare and clinical, life and applied scientific and biopharma industries.  

It is an international business with centres in four countries and customers in over 90 countries.  The Group offers a complementary portfolio of products and services that share common technologies, lab processes, infrastructure and expertise.  These include clinical diagnostics, genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and development research as well as controlled environment storage and testing services for a diverse range of markets.  These products and services are provided to a large and diverse customer base including the top 50 pharmaceutical companies, leading universities and research institutes worldwide, the UK NHS and other healthcare providers.

The commercial activities of the Group are organised into three divisions - Healthcare, LifeSciences and Stability and Bio Storage.

The Healthcare division comprises our Diagnostics services, including diagnostic testing for cancer and other diseases and Cytology and Serology products, including cervical cancer screening and blood banking serology reagents.

The LifeSciences division provides ultra-fast DNA sequencing services and related products, delivered by Source BioScience's international network of laboratories and distributors to academic research groups, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.  

The Stability and Bio Storage division provides support for drug discovery, from biomarker discovery and clinical trial services through to stability storage and sample archiving under environmentally controlled conditions. 


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