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  • Analytical Chemistry Testing

    Analytical Chemistry Testing

    Making a global impact on delivering drug safety.

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  • Controlled Environment Solutions

    Controlled Environment Solutions

    Delivering environmentally controlled equipment and storage solutions at ICH and bespoke conditions globally.

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  • Reproductive Health

    Reproductive Health

    Enabling reproductive health from conception to birth.

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  • Genomic Services

    Genomic Services

    Supporting global research in genomic analysis and reproductive health.

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Sanger Sequencing


“Source BioScience has a nice Scientific Support and Sales Department. All employees , whom I worked are very friendly and supporting. Thanks Source bioscience team for fast and coordinated work with end-user!”

Nadya Sidorovich - UAB V&D Group, Lithuania

“Service was prompt and courteous. All items shipped quickly and arrived exactly as described. They did an excellent job with follow-up to ensure I was satisfied with my order.”

Holland Alday - Oregon Health & Science University, USA

“As a client, I have always been satisfied by the services provided by Source BioScience. Specially, I would like to mention that I have been extremely well treated by the international customer specialists, who has always been of great help. Their reactivity and professionalism are extremely valuable for customers, like myself, who need to place orders through internet.”

Nazanine Modjtahedi - Institut Gustave Roussy, France

“It was our first time purchasing from them and the service provided by Source BioScience was always excellent. The customer service was quick and efficient and they were always kind and prompt in their answers to clear my doubts.”

Alexandra Gabriela Ferreira - Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

“I placed a few orders on their website because we couldn't find the products available on any other company website. The price was reasonable and within a few hours I placed an order. An International Sales Specialist responded to me very quickly. I still remember the first time I placed an order and I didn't know how to do it, but the Sales Specialist was very nice and patient, and of course, very professional. I would highly recommend Source BioScience to anyone that needs it. We will place many more orders with Source BioScience in the future!”

Elisa Yin - Washington University St. Louis, USA

“The sequencing service is very fast (you get the results after less than 24 hours) and the team is very helpful whenever there is anything wrong with the samples.”

Stella Kouloulia - University of Edinburgh, UK

“I have used the sequencing services from Source Bioscience for many years, initially from Scotland and now from Germany. I appreciate their quick sequencing results, high quality reads, and attractive pricing.”

Tim Czopka - Technische Universität München, Germany

“I am a researcher at City of Hope, we needed a expedited order from Source Bioscience during the course of our research. I contacted an International Sales Specialist. I received a very supportive service from them, my experience with Source Bioscience is more than positive.”

Zhengke - City of Hope, USA

“Although we have not used the company Source Bioscience much (1-2 times), they have always been quick courteous and helpful in dealing with all our enquiries. I would happily use them again and would recommend them.”

Andy Georgiou - UCL Cancer Institute, UK

“Source BioScience had friendly customer service and shipped their product promptly.”

Wendy Wang - Cornell, USA

“We have been very pleased with the quick and helpful service we received from Source Bioscience. Shipping labels were sent to us very quickly so that we could send off our samples and the price was extremely competitive. We are completing our CRISPR project more quickly due to the helpful customer service and quick, clean sequencing results that we received.”

Andrea Viczian - Upstate Uni, USA

“We like the conversation and the overnight service or its even faster when putting the samples before 10:00 am and getting the results around 5:00 pm same day. The sequencing performance is on top and the reSource gel extraction kit we tested is also working fine gave high recoveries.”

Marcus Wietstruk - FMP, Germany

“We are very pleased with the service and the quality of the products received from Source BioScience. They addressed all our questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. We had trouble to import one of the items, and the support we received from them was incredible. We highly recommend Source BioScience for all your product needs.”

Rochele Leite - LABS USA INC, USA

“Fast Reliable sequencing data with excellent customer support”

Mark Roberts - QMUL, UK

“The turnover time for Sanger sequencing is very short and the feedback and support in difficult cases is excellent.”

Dietmar Funck - Uni Konstanz, Germany

“I am a technician and I use the website only for ordering sequencing. In this case the website is easy to use and works fine. It should not be changed.”

Sabine Jungmann - MDC, Germany

“It is very easy to order the BAC with my experience from Source Bioscience Company and the service is very friendly and on time.”

Xia Tang - Institute Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

“I have been using Source Bioscience since 2013 and have purchased a number of IMAGE clones. I am satisfied with the quality of the products, customer service and technical support. I will continue using your service in the future.”

Trushar Patel - University of Lethbridge, Canada

“I have used Source Bioscience a number of times now, my most recent experience was extremely good, the staff member was very helpful and ensured I received the correct product. I would recommend using this company.”

Michelle Field - Park Grove Surgery, UK

“Good products, quick response, friendly customer service, good and reliable service from the initial inquiry to shipment and product delivery.”

Matej Vizovišek - Matej Vizovišek, Jozef Stefan Institute, Department of Biochemistry, Slovenia

“Very good sales service with great customer support.”

Joanne McHale - Bradshaw Medical Centre, UK

“Source Bioscience was a great help recently while searching for an RNAi clone essential to our current research. Their user friendly website, and very helpful Customer Service, allowed us to easily find what we needed. Our clone was fairly priced and arrived quickly. We were more than pleased with our experience, and will not hesitate to use Source Bioscience again in the future.”

Kevin Kemper - Rowan University , Department of Molecular Biology, USA

“Good services, fast delivery with good handling, and high quality of products.”

Ratthaphol Charlermroj - National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Thailand

“My experience was very positive, the technical team gave me helpful information, the prices are reasonable and the sale team is friendly and efficient.”

Béatrice Martin - CNRS-Neuro-Psi, France

“I have been using the sequencing service at Source Biosciences for over two years now. I have always found the service to be quick and reliable. On occasions when I have had an issue with my sequencing results, the technical team has been very helpful and efficient at resolving those issues. I have also used the cDNA service recently. On one occasion I needed some cDNA clones urgently and the cDNA team was kind enough to provide the clones in less than their usual turn-around time. I have been very happy with their services.”

Priyanka Tibarewal - University of Cambridge, UK

“Source Bioscience is always a great experience for team e-nnovation . Premade clone collection is awesome and Non-Mammalian gene expression is excellent to decrease the lead time of experiments, very professional and skilled team to support biological research around the world.”

Anuj Singh - E-nnovation Life Sciences, India

“The sequencing service is excellent - very fast, high quality and free repeats if needed!”

Dr. Paul H. Dear, CEO - Mote Research Limited, UK

“I have just used your service twice, but so far I think that your sequencing service is fast and good. I recommend it.”

Leonor Miller-Fleming - MRC-MBU, UK

“I have found your services very reliable and of high quality. Easy to use and reasonably good value for money.”

Tim Fulton - University of Cambridge

“As Lead for GI Pathology I am responsible for RAS/MMR test requests from our Oncology Department. We send the requests to Source Bioscience whose service is excellent with fast turnaround times. We are always provided with necessary advice and support.”

Sivarajah Bamini - Ipswich Hospital, UK

“Source Bioscience provides an excellent service. They responded quickly to our emails and took care of our special delivery needs. They have short delivery time and the product arrived in perfect condition. I strongly recommend the Source Bioscience service.”

Marco Palma - Vrisko Ltd, UK

“The Source BioScience reps were really helpful and responded to my requests promptly and professionally, I was able to get the information I needed faster than expected!”

Alice Cheung - Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

“Very quick, clear and friendly answers to my enquiries. I am currently working with canine endothelial cells and had a lot of trouble finding compatible antibodies until now. It was always a pleasure to communicate with the sales team about my orders.”

Sophie Lettry - Institut für Tierpathologie, Switzerland

“I have used Source Bioscience for many years because I find them to be efficient and prompt in providing a service. Also, they are very good in customer services and responding to any questions that you might have.”

Hamid Dolatshad - University of Oxford, UK

“We have been ordering from Source BioScience for many years now and are very delighted with the timelines, pricing and customer support.”

Alexander Klimke - Taconic Biosiences, Germany

“I have just been having a conversation in the office about how exemplary Source Bioscience’s customer service is. Makes a real change from a number of other companies we have to deal with. Love it!”

Adam Thomas - University of Exeter, UK

“Excellent communication and quick response. Very friendly.”

Teno Cipri - Baxter Healthcare Corporation, USA

“I am very happy with the service and support I get from Bioscience. I always get a quick response to my requests and often I send them quite urgently.”

Claire Dower - Nutricia Liverpool, Liverpool

“Rapid turnaround, convenience of collection points.”

Lee Garner - University of Oxford, Oxford

“Very quick results directly to email box, easy sample drop off.”

Susann Bruche - University of Oxford, Oxford

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