Blood & Tissue Serology

Source BioScience Serology is a leading manufacturer of reagents and kits for the blood group serology, blood banking and tissue banking sector.  We have a rich history in manufacturing clinical products for the NHS and Industry worldwide. Our portfolio is extensive and made at our Rochdale facility in the UK.

We are an original manufacturer of Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline (PBSS), and other red cell-related solutions for blood typing procedures and for short- and long-term blood storage.  We also manufacture reagents for the processing and storage of donated tissue grafts by Tissue Services

Having a manufacturing site allows us to work with our clients to not only supply off the shelf products but also to work in partnership.  With a strong portfolio of products and a technical team available to consult and work with clients, we can adapt current methods for bespoke solutions, or undertake project work for new products for varying applications.

Please contact us with details of your specific requirements.

Serology and Blood Banking

Source Serology reagents** are specifically manufactured for use in blood testing and blood banking and conform to the recognised blood banking authority’s recommendations and regulations. 

The range includes:

Product Name Description Qty Part No.
Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline (PBSS) Provides a stable, standardised solution, optimised for washing red cells in preparation for subsequent analysis. 10L
Phosphate Buffered Saline Concentrate (PBSC) Provides a stable, standardised solution, optimised for washing red cells in preparation for subsequent analysis. 200ml x 10
400ml x 10
Isotonic Saline Available buffered or non-buffered for red cell washing 500ml 04-025
Low Ionic Strength Saline (LISS) For suspension of red cells, enhances antibody/antigen reactions 500ml
Tris Buffered Isotonic Saline Suitable for washing platelets and other tissues 1L 04-142
Modified Alsevers Solution For storage of red cells for up to 4 weeks at 4°C, preserves stability and function of red cell antigens 1L 04-182
Red Cell Support Solution Supports red cells in solution and enhances antigen/antibody reactions 500ml 04-131
CryoProtectant Reagent For storage of red cells in liquid nitrogen 500ml 04-213
Frozen Cell Recovery Solution For the recovery of frozen red cells 500ml
Reagent Grade Water Water purified by reverse osmosis, available filtered* or non-filtered 12L

**For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Blood Related Reagents

Fetal Cell Detection Kit and Fixol
The Fetal Cell Detection Kit (FCD kit) is based on the Kleihauer test and provides an accurate and cost-effective solution for the detection and quantification of fetal red cells in a maternal blood sample.

Product Name Description Qty Part No.
Fetal Cell Detection Kit (FCD kit) For the detection of fetal red cells in maternal circulation (Kleihauer test) 200 Test Kit 05-050
Fixol Buffered, stabilised fixing agent suitable for use with the Fetal Cell Detection Kit (FCD kit) 3 x 100ml 05-051


Source BioScience Lectins are extracted from plants or seeds and are carbohydrate binding proteins with hemagglutinating properties. These lectins can be used to determine blood group or for determining polyagglutination status.

Supplied ready to use.