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About Us

One Source

Source BioScience is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sherwood Holdings Limited (company registration number 10269474), having been acquired through a public-to-private transaction in September 2016, and was de-listed from the London Stock Exchange upon acquisition. 

We are an international provider of integrated state of the art Laboratory Services and Products.

Serving a variety of markets, our multidisciplinary expertise includes:

  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Genomics
  • Controlled environment storage
  • Proteomics
  • Drug discovery & development research
  • Analytical testing services

A Global Leader for Genomic Services

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of genomic services, on a variety of prominent platforms.

With capabilities including Sanger sequencing, Next-generation sequencing, Microarray analysis, Genotyping and Bioinformatics, our dedicated team of professionals will support your research from RNA/DNA extraction, through to analysis and interpretation of your data.

Extensive Collection of Clones, Antibodies, Assays, Kits and Reagents

Our clone collection is second to none; with over 20 million pre-made clones, we are the world’s largest clone resource.

We offer over 200,000 primary and secondary antibodies, proteins, peptides and isotype controls – all of high quality and validated in their recommended applications.

With our comprehensive selection of assays, molecular biology tools, reagents and biochemicals, our product portfolio supports researchers in every field.

Supporting the Healthcare System

Through our highly accredited, state of the art facilities, coupled with renowned consultant pathologists and dedicated scientists, we deliver a cutting edge reference laboratory testing service for cancer and other diseases.

Our STI testing services, 'Just between us' and 'Don't pass it on', offer a discrete and confidential online option for STI testing.

We are the UK’s largest supplier of Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline (PBSS).  For over 30 years, we have continued to work to the highest standards to manufacture a number of products for the storage and serological testing of blood.

Stability & Bio Storage for all Applications

We deliver outsourced controlled environment storage for stability trials at all World Climatic ICH conditions, as well as bespoke conditions. In addition, we offer photostability testing facilities, biostorage capabilities, contingency storage for disaster recovery and facilities for the conservation of heritage items and other precious materials.

Our stability storage rooms and cabinets are also available for purchasing, along with our laboratory incubators and other essential laboratory equipment.

Analytical & Regulated Testing

For all stages of development, marketing authorisation and manufacturing, Source BioScience supports the pharmaceutical industry with a range of analytical testing and auditing services.

We offer raw material testing, finished product analysis, stability testing, microbiology services and Qualified Person batch release.

From simple qualitative analyses to full method development and validation, we can accommodate a wide variety of testing requirements.

For further information and prices please contact us or call +44 (0)115 973 9012 


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