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Drug dissolution testing

With new pharmaceuticals coming off patent every year, companies developing biosimilars need to demonstrate that their generic formulation is as effective as that of the original formulation.

For oral dose formulations in the pharmaceutical industry, drug dissolution testing is routinely used to provide critical in vitro drug release information.

When developing a biosimilar or generic formulation of a patented product it is crucial to demonstrate that the dissolution profile of the generic formulation release the active ingredient in a comparable manner to the original. Inadequacies in bioavailability can mean that the treatment is ineffective and at worst potentially dangerous.

Working with an experienced partner like Source BioScience to construct a dissolution profile for your new formulation will be one of the critical success factors in enabling your formulation to be release into the market place.

We are very aware of the requirement to keep the supply chain fed and as such offer a fast and on time delivery service with agreed turnaround times and direct lines of communication to the laboratory analysts working on your project. We have a proven track record of working in partnership with Pharmaceutical companies providing support services that are not core to their business, releasing people and management time to add value to the pharmaceutical drug delivery process.

Stewart Neithercut
Head of Sales – Analytical Chemistry

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