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19 Nov 2013

Source BioScience would like to pay tribute to Frederick Sanger, the 'father of genomics', who died at the age of 95 on Tuesday 19 November 2013. Frederick Sanger paved the way for the modern understanding of DNA and genetics and established the foundations for the techniques we use and the work we carry out in our laboratories today.

 Frederick was awarded two Nobel Prizes for chemistry in his lifetime, the second one famously awarded for his work on sequencing DNA in 1980.  He was one of only four people to have won more than one Nobel Prize, and was also awarded the Order of Merit by the Queen in 1986. Frederick continued to work until 1983 when he retired at the age of 65 to devote more time to his gardening.

On behalf of all at Source BioScience, we pay tribute to Frederick Sanger. We owe him so much, and his legacy will continue to shape modern science and genomics for many years to come.

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