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  • NHS Publishes Implementation Guidelines for Source BioScience's Cervical Cancer Screening

19 Dec 2011

Source BioScience (LSE: SBS), the international diagnostics and genetic analysis business, is pleased to announce that the National Health Service Cancer Screening Programmes (‘NHSCSP’) has published its guidelines for the use of the BD FocalPoint™ technology for cervical cancer screening in the UK.

Following the publication of the guidelines, Cervical Screening Wales (‘CSW’) announced their commitment to implement the technology across Wales from 1 January 2012, the first screening service in the UK to introduce automated imaging into the cervical cancer screening programme. The agreement to provide the BD FocalPoint™ to CSW is worth up to £0.6 million to July 2015.

The BD FocalPoint™ is the only automated technology for cervical cancer screening approved for use by the NHS and is able to analyse and identify up to 25% of screening samples that can be reported as “all clear”, requiring no manual examination. With over 3.6 million tests being undertaken across England and Wales during 2009/10, this represents a significant reduction in laboratory workload and the need for additional staffing and outsourcing. It will also help laboratories achieve the mandatory 14 day screening deadline for patients to receive their test results promised to patients under the Department of Health’s Cancer Reform Strategy.

Dr Nick Ash, CEO at Source BioScience, commented: “The publication of the implementation guidelines enables us to facilitate the introduction of automated imaging to the NHS standards across England and Wales. There has been considerable interest in adopting the technology from a large number of NHS Trusts looking to improve screening turnaround times even further and we’re delighted to announce that Cervical Screening Wales are the first screening service to adopt the technology in the UK.”

He added: “Source BioScience is now able to provide customers with a unique and complete solution for cervical cancer screening from sample collection, processing, imaging and diagnostic testing, including HPV testing.”

Bryan Rose, Head of Programme for Cervical Screening Wales said: “We are pleased to be the first service to formally adopt the BD FocalPoint™ system for the application of “No Further Review” (‘NFR’) in the cervical screening programme in Wales. CSW has run an independent assessment of the technology which has led us to recognise for some time the benefits of using automated imaging for cervical screening. Following recognition in the MAVERIC study of its utility and the recent publication by the NHSCSP of specific guidelines for the use of BD FocalPoint™ technology, which establishes best practice, we can now confidently implement the technology into our screening programme. The technology will assist our laboratories to improve turnaround times within our defined standards and enhance the quality of service that we provide for women in Wales.”

Hilja Ibert, VP GM BD Diagnostic Systems Europe commented: "The implementation of BD FocalPoint™ is a direct outcome of our focus on improving health outcomes for patients by providing laboratories with solutions that improve quality, inform medical decisions and enhance laboratory system productivity. We continuously invest in developing innovative solutions and technologies that will further support and enhance the cervical cancer screening programs. We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Source BioScience in the UK, for their expert support and distribution of these technologies and the rapid implementation of BD FocalPoint™ NFR.”

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