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  • Source BioScience expands online diagnostic testing and launches prescription service

2 Dec 2015

Just Between Us™ sexual health service enhanced to include home-sampling and secure online access to diagnostic testing for HIV and hepatitis B and C

Source BioScience (LSE: SBS) the international laboratory services and diagnostics business announces significant enhancements to the Group’s Just Between Us™ online sexually transmitted infection (“STI”) testing service with the launch of five new home-sampling tests for STI’s and an online prescription service.

Just Between Us™ already enables access to home-sampling for the diagnosis of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea infection.  The enhanced sexual health service now also provides online access to:

  • Home-sampling for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C
  • STI screening for ten of the most commonly-occurring sexually transmitted infections
  • Professional counselling, advice and support following a positive test result
  • Online prescriptions and treatment for non-complex STI’s

Dr Nick Ash, CEO said: "Just Between Us™ has been providing online access to sexual health testing for over three years and during this period more than 100,000 people have used the service every year.

“The enhanced offering will enable individuals, who might find it embarrassing or inconvenient to attend their GP or local sexual health clinic, rapid access to a broader range of tests from the privacy of their own home.  A number of sexually transmitted infections can present without symptoms and many individuals are unaware that they have an infection; in the UK an estimated 24% of people living with HIV are unaware of their infection.

“By providing a comprehensive sexual health service, including home-sampling, accredited laboratory diagnostics, access to counselling and support and an online prescription service, we hope to contribute to the diagnosis, management and treatment of a significant number of sexually transmitted infections.”

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