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10 Mar 2011

Source BioScience plc (LSE: SBS), the international diagnostic and genetic analysis business announces the expansion of its DNA sequencing service, to its new facility in Berlin, and the European-wide launch of SpeedREAD™, the world’s fastest DNA sequencing service.

With its new facility in Berlin, Source BioScience can provide customers in Continental Europe with genomic services and access to GLP/GCP accredited laboratories for diagnostic testing and regulatory studies. A major attraction for customers will be access to Source BioScience’s Illumina HiSeq2000 high throughput sequencing platform and local provision of DNA sequencing.

Source BioScience customers will also now be able to benefit from the new SpeedREAD™ DNA sequencing service, an automated data delivery system which is able to provide results within three hours of sample receipt. This service is available to all sequencing customers at no extra cost and provides immediate online access to their sequencing data 24/7.

Dr Nick Ash, CEO of Source BioScience said “Our presence in Germany is the result of the acquisition of imaGenes in December 2010 and an important step for us in further extending our service into Continental Europe. This new sequencing facility in Berlin will enable us to reach customers in life sciences research, healthcare, agriculture and pharma biotech locally in Germany and beyond. In addition, our customers throughout Europe will gain access to our proven expertise and excellence in genetic analyses and diagnostics, which now includes the fastest turnaround time for DNA sequencing in the world.”

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