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21 Mar 2013

Source BioScience, the European leader in DNA sequencing and genomic services, has launched a new range of life science research products branded reSource.

reSource represents a range of high performance and cost effective products expanding the portfolio currently available through Source BioScience’s worldwide commercial network.

The first products to be introduced under this brand are nucleic acid purification kits including high quality plasmid mini preps, PCR purification and gel extraction kits suitable for a broad range of applications.

The reSource nucleic acid purification kits are essential tools for the extraction and clean-up/purification of DNA before use in downstream applications. These kits utilise silica membrane technology in the form of a convenient spin column format, delivering excellent performance equivalent to the market leader, whilst offering improved value for money. The reSource purification kits fit neatly within experimental workflows and complement Source BioScience’s existing range of life science products and services.

The new brand will help drive the continued expansion of Source BioScience’s portfolio, which comprises the world’s largest publicly available clone and antibody collections for research purposes. These products are supported by the innovative, intelligent search engine GenomeCube®, which provides ready access for researchers to over 20 million clones using an array of search terms and common identifiers used in international scientific databases. This clone portfolio represents nearly every known human gene and most other organisms important in biological research and, in addition, over 150,000 antibodies for applications in both research and diagnostics are available through GenomeCube®.

Currently, Source BioScience supplies research resources, screening and diagnostic services to life sciences and healthcare in over 90 countries worldwide.

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