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9 Mar 2015

Source BioScience, the international laboratory services and products business, announces the launch of its new website which provides an enhanced e-commerce solution and eShop, allowing customers ready access to products and sequencing services, as well as scientific and technical support applications.

The new website delivers an enhanced customer experience including better navigation, access to downloadable information and a clear entry point to the portfolio of products and services offered by the Company.  Source BioScience continues to invest in its website to ensure that the customer's buying experience results in instant, simple access to their requirements.

The enhancements include improved sequencing ordering. Sequencing plates, tubes and Bug2Bases can be ordered directly online with the additional benefit of processing the order through the creation of an online account, enabling faster placing and higher visibility of the order.  Customers will also have access to additional products and services from the new Blood & Tissue Serology Services portfolio.   

Russell Wheatcroft, Head of Marketing at Source BioScience, commented: “We have made a significant investment in developing the infrastructure of the website. The website and its associated e-commerce enhancements now offer users an improved pathway from search to checkout and payment. Using the website, researchers can access the information they need, the associated products they may require and proceed to purchase this in as few as three clicks. This is truly a website for the future and reflects the Company’s desire to respond to customer requirements at all stages of the commercial process”.

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