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6 Jun 2013

Source BioScience launches private and discreet online sexually transmitted infection testing service

Source BioScience, the international diagnostic and genetic analysis business, has launched ‘just between us’ an online sexually transmitted infection ('STI') testing service, for individuals looking for a discreet, quick and easy-to-use alternative to visiting a GP or sexual health clinic.

Sexually transmitted infections are a growing issue within the UK; with Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea being two of the most commonly diagnosed infections. STIs can easily be passed from one person to another during unprotected sex and if undetected can cause significant health issues. For example, if Chlamydia is left untreated in women it can be a cause of infertility. What makes some STIs even more dangerous is that many people will not have any symptoms, meaning that an individual may go untreated and can unknowingly pass on the disease.

In 2011 around 2.1 million people visited sexual health clinics in England alone, an increase of approximately 100,000 from the previous year and a figure which is expected to continue to rise. In addition, there are also a significant number of individuals who may have contracted an STI but do not visit a clinic and therefore may remain unaware of an infection.

Source BioScience’s new service has been developed to specifically target those individuals who would prefer not to visit their GP or a sexual health clinic for convenience, misplaced embarrassment or other privacy reasons.

The ‘just between us’ online Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea testing service makes it quick and simple for an individual to access testing from home in a secure and, above all, private manner. Once an individual has requested an online test, a discreetly packaged home STI test kit is delivered directly to their door. The individual provides a urine sample which is posted back in the collection kit provided. Test results are available to collect online, via secure login, in two to three days from receipt of sample.

The online testing service is backed by Source BioScience, a UK-based accredited provider of diagnostic services to the NHS. Source BioScience has a strong reputation and established track record for providing screening and diagnostic testing for cancer and other diseases and additional predictive testing for treatment optimisation for clinicians and patients.

In addition to ‘just between us’, Source BioScience has also launched the parallel testing service ‘don’t pass it on’ which is targeted towards 16-24 year olds and is offered in conjunction with NHS Primary Care Trusts and the NHS Chlamydia Screening Programme. This service offers a free chlamydia test via a similar home testing kit.

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