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  • Source BioScience Orders UK's First Illumina HiSeq 2000 Next Generation Sequencing Platform

9 Mar 2010

Source BioScience plc (LSE: SBS), the provider of expert, quality services to the life science research, pharma biotech and healthcare sectors, is pleased to announce the purchase of Illumina’s new HiSeq 2000 high throughput next generation sequencing platform, the first laboratory in the UK to do so.

This investment will further strengthen Source BioScience’s existing complement of three Illumina GAIIx sequencing platforms and will ensure Source BioScience’s status as one of Europe’s leading commercial service providers for this cutting edge technology.

The HiSeq 2000 delivers the highest sequencing output and fastest data generation rate that the industry currently offers. It uses the same sequencing by synthesis chemistry and ancillary equipment as the GAIIx but innovative engineering has enabled sequencing output to be increased by around 300 per cent.

As the UK’s only Illumina CSPro certified sequencing laboratory, the HiSeq 2000 platform perfectly complements Source BioScience’s extensive portfolio of genomic and diagnostic platforms.

Source BioScience already operates customer-focused DNA sequencing laboratories in five major academic centres across UK and Ireland and this additional investment in the Nottingham facility will ensure that the Company remains at the forefront of conventional and next generation DNA sequencing.

Since 2008 the Company has invested £1.2 million in next generation Illumina technology and is a key player in the rapidly growing market for outsourced DNA sequencing. The enhanced service portfolio will provide greater flexibility and encourage the development of new applications to meet individual customer requirements in life science research as well as molecular pathology and clinical diagnostics.

Dr Cheng-Eng Ang, Head of Worldwide Sales for next generation sequencing at Source BioScience said: “The HiSeq 2000 provides sequencing at a scale and resolution that has not been possible before and we are thrilled to be the first lab in the UK to invest in this technology. Our considerable experience with the Illumina platforms means that we expect to fully commission the platform very rapidly and we are already in a position to take customer orders for HiSeq projects.”

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