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  • State of the Art Humidity Generation Technology at our Stability and Bio Storage Facilities

20 Mar 2015

Source BioScience has been providing outsourced controlled environment equipment and storage from centres in the USA, Ireland and the UK, to the pharmaceutical industry, for forty years.  Our extensive, GMP-compliant facilities supply our global clients with a precise, condition-controlled storage service, ensuring that by the time pharmaceutical products reach their end-user, they are storage-safe, irrespective of external environmental factors. Furthermore, our accredited facilities are employed by clients of diverse backgrounds, including the pharmaceutical, biosimilar, cosmetic, consumer health and E-cigarette industries, among others.

Continuing to expand rapidly, Source BioScience remains infallibly at the cutting edge of the sector, firmly established as the market-leading supplier of laboratory products and services. Why? Because we work to the highest standards to ensure accuracy and reproducibility across our broad portfolio of products and services.  Furthermore, our customer-centric philosophy is clearly evident from our offering of bespoke services, provided to meet the varied demands and high expectations of our large international client base.

Our Stability and Bio Storage group, for example, offers tailor-made controlled environment services for stability storage, where customer requirements fall outside the standard World Climatic IHC conditions, which we also provide.

In recent years, we have dramatically improved our humidity generation technology through the introduction of ultrasonic transducers, thus replacing the steam generators previously used. In addition to serving other applications, steam generators have traditionally been used to control humidity levels within various pieces of laboratory equipment, and, in some cases, they continue to serve the same purpose today.

Functioning essentially like simple kettles, albeit on an industrial scale for laboratory-based regulatory purposes, steam generators employ electrical elements to heat water, thereby producing steam.  In a crude and inefficient mechanism, the released steam is subsequently directed to the required area until the desired humidity level is achieved, at which time the electrical element is turned off. A major disadvantage of this mechanism is the introduction of high temperatures into the temperature-controlled chamber, inevitably resulting in temperature fluctuations and unnecessarily increasing the burden on the temperature control mechanisms.

In the late 1980’s, we used steam generators in the original stability rooms and cabinets at Source BioScience. Inevitably, however, technological advance allied with our aim for constant improvement in all areas of accuracy and efficiency of our equipment, has meant that these generators have become less and less adequate for the task at hand, particularly in the face of newer, more viable alternatives.

The solution? We have replaced the inefficient electrical elements inside the steam generator with metallic disks, known as ultrasonic transducers. Consequently, our humidity generator consists of a stainless steel water tank with one or more transducers inset through the base. When connected to an electrical supply, these discs operate at the resonant frequency of water. In response to this, the water molecules in the tank vibrate to such a degree that the bonds between them are broken, resulting in the formation of minute water droplets which proceed to move in all directions, including upwards, where they escape from the surface of the water forming a “cloud” inside the generator. We then use the temperature-controlled air from our room or cabinet to transport this cloud from the generator to the inside of our chamber, thereby increasing the humidity level within.

Ultrasonic transducers use considerably less electrical energy than the heating elements used in their steam generator counterparts. Furthermore, unlike the electrical elements in the steam generator, which require time to warm up and cool down, these new machines switch on and off instantly, enabling far greater accuracy in the generation of humidity when required. Furthermore, because the cloud is transported by conditioned air from within our chamber, the effect on the chamber temperature is minimal compared to that when introducing steam at 100°C.  

With our vast collection of storage facilities, Source BioScience delivers an impressive range of storage solutions. Moreover, in addition to the aforementioned stability storage facilities, our state of the art Biorepository affords reliable storage of precious biological samples, including stem cells, cell lines, proteomic and genomic materials and pathology specimens.

Coupled with our range of Healthcare products and services and our world-leading LifeScience offerings, our Stability and Bio Storage capabilities complement and complete the extensive package of goods and services offered to our customers, worldwide.

For more information on our state of the art laboratory products and services, please call us on +44 (0)115 973 9018 or email us at [email protected]

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