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Textile Conditioning Cabinets

Textile Conditioning Cabinets

In achieving repeatability in colour matching and dying consistency, Source BioScience’s Textile Conditioning Cabinets have helped to solve a significant problem for the textile industry. 

The Cabinets overcome problems in preparation of test samples created by changes in environmental conditions – including sunlight, temperature and humidity – which can alter the shading process and create ‘drift’ away from the specified colour standard. By being able to set humidity, light and temperature at specified levels, fabrics can be prepared and tested in controlled condition which is a major benefit in improving quality control procedures.

Used in conjunction with a spectrophotometer, the Cabinets provide a vital tool in testing and controlling colour standards where fabrics are manufactured or dyed in bulk. Whilst the spectrophotometer helps to provide precise colour fingerprints the Conditioning Cabinets can ensure the same shade standard are met, time after time, at whatever location throughout the world the dyeing process is undertaken.

Benefits to the system are as follows:

  • A family of two Environmental Cabinets with built in refrigeration offering stable controlled conditions of humidity and temperature
  • Humidity is created by externally mounted ultrasonic transducers which, on the demand of the digital electronic controller, immediately provides a supply of pre-conditioned moist air to the chamber. This method ensured fast humidity equilibration times and makes it ideal for the speedy conditioning of textile samples.
  • Temperature is set by an electronic digital controller. A variable over temperature alarm is included
  • Air circulation is fan assisted to ensure uniformity and accuracy of humidity and temperature throughout the chamber
  • Daylight illumination to BS 950 Part 1 (D65) created by special fluorescent tubes fitted internally to the door
  • Elapsed Hour timer
  • The water is supplied from a 10 litre reservoir. The cabinet will use approximately 5 litres of water per day. A re-circulating water filter system ensures removal of particles. Clean deionised laboratory grade 2 water is required for the reservoir to (BS 3978:1987) or (ISO 3936:1987)


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