Mobile Testing Units

Source BioScience has access to a COVID-19 Mobile Testing Unit laboratory which can be sited for large volume, fast testing to meet requirements. Whether it is supporters of a sporting event, TV & Film crew/actors needed to be tested, testing at other venues such as theatres, concert venues or televisions studios; Source BioScience is able to offer a tailored solution to meet this requirement.

Providing a service from our highly trained staff, used to working in an accredited service; this service will meet government accreditation requirements to provide a high-quality service.

A full end to solution includes:

  1. Sample kits
  2. Medically trained staff to take the samples
  3. Delivery of results to population via email
  4. Ability to patch to a software provider for result provision required by client.

Select your technology of choice or be guided by our trained professionals for the preferred solution. Fast set up and on-site for as long, or as short a time as required.

 Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our mobile testing services.