Technologies Used

Source BioScience has used its knowledge to validate a number of various technologies used to be able to provide a full end to end solution depending on high volume testing.


RT-qPCR - Still recognised as the Gold Standard of Diagnostics testing; this solution is able to provide high volume testing whether in a traditional laboratory setting or high volume community testing environments. Source BioScience have a suite of equipment at our central laboratory, able to process more than 10,000 samples per day.


LamPORE – LamPORE COVID-19 is a molecular diagnostic assay for routine detection of SARS-CoV-2. The assay is scalable allowing deployment through a traditional laboratory setting; as well as smaller community testing programs where there is a need for routine testing of higher volumes of the population.


LAMP – For pre-screening of a population and/or community; Source BioScience has access to one of the leading Rapid testing devices in the market. With Sensitivity at 97%-99% and Specificity of 100%; and the ability to provide a result in 1.5-12 minutes, this is an ideal screening tool to have at the front end of any mass population testing services.


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