DNA Extraction FAQs

What method do you use to extract the DNA?

We extract genomic DNA from a wide range of sample types and quantities using a range of commercially available kits. We also use a Chemagic MSM1 robot (Perkin Elmer) that utilises magnetic bead technology. Sample types include whole blood, buffycoat, swabs, bodily fluids, plants, bacteria and human/other animal tissue including formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) material.

What is the typical DNA yield from a 10ml blood extraction?

The yield is dependent on the amount of DNA-containing cells in the sample but is typically 300-500µg of DNA from a 10ml blood extraction, 15-25µg from a 2ml blood extraction and 4-6µg from a 200µl blood extraction.

Are you able to extract DNA from small volumes of blood?

Yes, we can extract DNA from as little as 10µl of blood. A minimum of 20 samples is required for small volume (less than 2ml blood) extraction.

Are you able to extract DNA from buccal swabs/FTA paper?

Yes, we are able to extract high-quality DNA from buccal swabs and FTA paper provided the swabs and paper have been stored appropriately, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Are you able to extract DNA from cell lines/primary cells?

Yes, we are able to extract high-quality DNA from frozen cell pellets.

What is the quality of the extracted DNA?

All of our extraction methods produce highly purified genomic DNA, and depending on the sample, the DNA is suitable for downstream applications with the strictest of requirements. The typical ratio of absorbance at 260nm and 280nm of the extracted DNA is between 1.7 and 1.9 and the expected size of the extracted DNA is more than 20Kb.

What is the stability of the extracted DNA?

The genomic DNA is stable long-term when buffered in Tris, pH 8 and stored at -20 degrees C.

How should I send the samples to Source BioScience?

Recommended shipping conditions for various sample types are as follows:

  • Cells and tissue, dry ice
  • Whole Blood, dry ice
  • Buccal swabs, dried at room temperature
  • FTA paper, dried at room temperature

In addition to a signed agreement and purchase order number, please send the following information for each sample:

  • List of samples delivered
  • Sample source (human, non-human animal etc.)
  • Sample type (EDTA; citrate; heparin; buffycoat; buccal swab etc.)
  • Sample volume/weight/dimensions/cell number, as appropriate
  • NB: Material which is known (or suspected) to be infectious must be labelled as such and Source BioScience must be informed and agree to receive it in advance of sending.

What is a typical turnaround time for the DNA extraction?

The turnaround time depends on the sample number. We are used to handling both small and extremely large numbers of samples (in the thousands). Please contact us for a more specific estimate.

In what format (volume, buffer, vessel) will I receive the extracted DNA?

The DNA is typically eluted into buffered 10mM Tris, pH8 although this can be flexible according to your needs. The volume of buffer used depends on the quantity of original sample and the extraction method. Where the yield is expected to be low, extracted DNA samples can be vacuum concentrated. Please contact us to obtain support for your specific requirements.

We can supply the DNA in a number of vessel formats including the use of bar-coded tubes/plates. Before accepting our quotation for DNA extraction, you will need to indicate your preferred format for receipt of the extracted DNA.

What happens if I want Source BioScience to do some downstream processing following extraction?

We can store your extracted DNA. The samples will then be diluted appropriately depending on the particular downstream application and will be passed to the relevant team. You will need to ask us for a follow up proposal of work or we can bundle the processing into a single project price with your extraction.

Can you help me with secure storage and retrieval for my extracted DNA samples?

Yes. Source BioScience has a DNA banking storage and retrieval system that can include making a mirrored off-site store of your samples. Please contact us for more details.


For further information and prices please contact us or call +44 (0)115 973 9012