How to Place a Sanger Sequencing Order

Follow these simple steps to place your Sanger Sequencing Order:

1. Registration

Register for an online account here.

2. Creating a Sanger Sequencing Order

Begin placing your sequencing order here.

3. Template Type

Select the appropriate ‘Template type’. The screen will adjust so you can provide details of the template and confirm that you have read and understood the sample requirements.

4. Your Samples

Enter details of the sample submission format including tubes, plates and orientation of the plate.

5. Primer Synthesis (optional add-on*)

Source BioScience stocks a collection of 40 common primers from which you can choose (free of charge) for your Sanger Sequencing. If, however, you require a primer/s that we do not stock, you might like to make use of our Primer Synthesis option.

To have your primer/s synthesised by Source BioScience, simply enter the name and sequence of your primer in the designated box and select ‘Add this primer’ before clicking ‘Continue’.

If you do not require primer synthesis please click ‘Continue’.

6. Secondary Structure Resolution (optional add-on*)

When sequencing templates which are G-C-rich, contain hairpin structures, repetitive regions or troublesome sequences, we recommend including our Secondary Structure Treatment Solution (dGTP chemistry) with your order.

This optional add-on aids the sequencing process by disrupting the production of secondary structures, as well as aiding the initiation of the sequencing process, to yield higher quality reads.

Complete the details as required.

7. Analysis Settings

Complete the Analysis settings required for this order.

Each question mark will open new page with a detailed explanation of the particular option. 

You can also add additional recipients for the data.

8. Reaction Details

This information can be added individually or added as an Excel template.

NOTE: Please be aware that sample and primer names must be no longer than 12 characters, and they can only contain letters, number and the underscore character.

To download the Excel template, click ‘Download the Excel template here’.

If adding the sample and primer details manually, the list of free stock primers will be available from our drop down list. For custom primers please select ‘I Will Send My Own’ and enter the name in the new box.

NOTE: Please ensure that the name entered matches the labelling of the primer submitted.

Samples which have been correctly recorded will appear in the Job Summary.

Once the details are recorded, click ‘Submit Application’.

9. Review Basket

You will then be asked if you wish to use  eVouchers to complete the payment for the sequencing order. If paying using this method, please enter, as appropriate.

NOTE: Your Sanger Sequencing eVouchers will only cover the cost of your sequencing reactions; any additional add-ons to your order will incur extra costs.

Payment is also available via credit card or purchase order.

Click the ‘Place Order’ button to continue to the checkout step

10. Checkout

Next you will need to confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, by clicking ‘Continue’.

If you have a promotional code, it can be entered in the ‘Promotion Code’ box. To apply the promotion to the order, click ‘Apply’.

If paying by credit card or purchase order, please complete, as appropriate.

Click ‘Checkout’ and you will receive an Order Number.

11. Sending Your Samples

Place your samples in an a secure package marked with the order number, and either deposit them in your Source BioScience drop box for collection, or use our FREEPOST labels to send your samples to us by post.

12. Relax!

Your samples will be processed as soon as they arrive at Source BioScience, and your data will be with you within 12 hours of sample receipt.

Not found the information you were looking for? For further information and advice, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

*Your Sanger Sequencing eVouchers will only cover the cost of your sequencing reactions; any additional add-ons to your order will incur extra costs.


For further information and prices please contact us or call +44 (0)115 973 9012