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Sanger Sequencing Client Portal

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Molecular Genetics

Customise your Sanger sequencing experience with Molecular Genetics solutions from the leader in DNA sequencing. This fully customizable service allows you to streamline your workflow and extend your bench with your choice of PCR and Sanger services with data delivered in as few as 3 days with our pre-developed assays. These services support a wide-range of applications including targeted microbial/fungal sequencing, NGS data confirmation, antibody heavy/light chain sequencing, mutation detection analysis, cell bank characterization, SNP genotyping and more.

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Genotyping Services

We have a range of different platforms, that can be used for reliable genotyping of any number of SNPs from just a few up to several million, thus supporting projects of all sizes from small scale to large scale discovery, validation and screening projects. Source Genomics also provides solutions for the most exciting genotyping areas, such as CNV analysis, microsatellite typing, and DNA fingerprinting.

CNV Genotyping

Copy number variations (CNVs) are a type of genomic alteration to regions of DNA, resulting in an abnormal copy number of specific regions which cause the physical rearrangement of genes on chromosomes.
By combining NGS and CNV genotyping technologies, researchers can map the exact location of a CNV and identify the downstream effects of variants throughout the genome, providing a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms responsible for disease.

Microsatellite Genotyping

Source Genomics offers a fast and reliable validation service using STR DNA typing and is consistent with the International Cell Line Authentication Committee guidelines. We aim to assist the scientific community to accurately identify human cell lines used in research and drug development.

SNP Genotyping Services

Microsatellite Genotyping Services

Microarray Services

We offer a wide range of microarray solutions for your gene expression studies including pre-designed and custom arrays using either Affymetrix or Agilent platforms.

SNP Microarrays

Source Genomics can accommodate any SNP genotyping project and assist researchers to better understand the functional implications of genetic variation across the genome.

Gene Expression Microarrays

With three major microarray platforms from Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina, we select and optimize the most suitable array technology exclusively for your project. We provide custom designs, statistical advice on replication and sample numbers as well as state-of-the art techniques to analyse your data. 

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