Human Domain Antibody Library (DAb)

We are pleased distribute the Domain Antibody Phagemid library constructed by Dr Daniel Christ (formally of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge UK and currently based at the Garvan Institute, Sydney, Australia).

This library is based on a VH framework (V3-23/D47). Diversity was introduced into the antigen binding domains by PCR mutagenesis into CDR1, CDR2 and CDR3. There are many benefits to this library.

  • Produced binders to the model antigens refold without major loss of antigen-binding activity upon cooling.
  • Antibodies selected maintain antigen-binding activity after up to 25 cycles of heat denaturation, rivalling the heat resistance of thermophilic protein such as Taq polymerase.
  • Repertoire withstands heat-induced aggregation on phage.
  • These benefits offer a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic research applications and can further maximise the number of binders to your antigen of interest.


The use of the resource is limited to research purposes. The collection is subject to the following MTA and our clone terms and conditions

This library is supplied as a single kit containing:

  • Phagemid antibody library (~3x109)
  • Helper phage KM13
  • Host strain TG1Tr
  • Optimised antibody expression strain HB2151
  • Controls: anti-beta-galactosidase & anti-bovine ubiquitin antibodies
  • detailed protocol


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