cDNA Clones

We offer cDNA clones from the IMAGE, MGC and Riken collections

These clones contain a cDNA insert which may or may not contain a full coding sequence and 5'/3' UTR

Sequences are bioinformatically analysed and identified as either containing the full coding sequence (cds) or only containing part of the coding sequence. 

PLEASE NOTE however that this information may not reflect the most recent annotation of the reference sequence and you should carefully check the clone insert sequence shown on NCBI (using the accession number link on GenomeCube) to make sure that it matches the sequence you expect.

Our cDNA clones are offered in standard, sequence verified and purified plasmid formats.  We strongly recommend selecting a sequence verified or purified plasmid format as without sequence verificaion we cannot guarantee the identity of the clone insert.

How to order

All clone orders must be made through our website.

Individual clones can be easily ordered online via our search engine below. The clones can be retrieved by a gene-based search as well as by the original Clone Id or accession number:

Find out more about our cDNA Clones: 

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