Barley Embryo Sack Expression cDNA

cDNA for this library was synthesised from barley embryo sack sampled 0-10 days after flowering (Cultivar: Barke). The main library of 21500 clones was re-arrayed into the sub-library BES1824 containing 4100 putative expression clones. Average insert size is 1 kb. Library generation and sequencing was granted in context of GABI; data are also accessible at

About 3,900 cDNA clones are available in the E. coli expression vector pQE30NST. The vector is suitable for expression of N-terminal His-tagged proteins.

Protocols / Clone Handling

Plates- contain LB broth with 8% glycerol and antibiotic* and are sent on dry ice. These should be stored at -70°C. Individual clones have been streaked onto LB agar containing antibiotic*. Please store them at 4°C (not in a freezer).

As soon as possible, re-streak the clones onto the same medium and incubate overnight at 37°C to obtain single colonies.


Phytochemistry. 2004 Jun;65(12):1777-84.
Identification of barley CK2alpha targets by using the protein microarray technology.
Kramer A1Feilner TPossling ARadchuk VWeschke WBürkle LKersten B.

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