BAC/PAC/Fosmid/Cosmid Collections

Genomic clones are comprised of sections of restriction enzyme digested genomic DNA inserted into a Bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) or P1 artificial chromosome (PAC) vector. Inserts are very large, of up to 100 to 300bp.

Genomic Clones are a valuable resource for the functional analysis of genes, they can be used for a multitude of applications:

  • FISH - Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization - analysis of chromosomal rearrangements
  • Matrix-CGH Comparative Genomic Hybridization - high resolution analysis of genomic DNA
  • Protein - DNA binding studies - promotor, enhancer, silencer studies
  • Subcloning of control elements

How to order

All clone orders must be made through our website.

Individual clones can be easily ordered online via our website search below. The clones can be retrieved by a gene-based search as well as by the original Clone Id or accession number.


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