Fugu BAC

The Fugu rubripes BAC library, cloned into pBeloBACII, was constructed at Incyte using Fugu genomic DNA supplied by Dr Greg Elgar (School of Biological Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS ).

This library - along with the cosmid library also available through Source BioScience LifeSciences - underpins and is being integrated into the Fugu genome draft assembly. The data will be linked together to form the long-range physical map of the Fugu genome.
All the data linking Fugu draft assembly to BAC and cosmid clones is available from the Fugu website, allowing selection of genomic clones from any given region of the Fugu genome for further investigation or sequence finishing.

The library contains 42,624 clones arrayed in 111 (384-well) plates. The library plates are numbered from 176-286.

Over half (23,453) of these clones have been HindIII fingerprinted and have an average insert size of 80kb, extrapolating to a nine-fold coverage of the genome.

Protocols / Clone Handling

Please note that the clone(s) are tested as negative in our phage contamination assay prior to shipping. However, these clones should still be handled with care as no phage assay can be guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Clones are streaked onto LB agar containing chloramphenicol (20 µg/ml).

To use: re-streak the bacteria for single colonies on the same agar type, incubating overnight at 37°C.
Single colonies are then ready for DNA isolation, if required.
Clones can be grown in LB broth + chloramphenicol, and glycerol added after growth to a concentration of 25% for long term storage at -70°C.


Subsequent publication:
Please acknowledge the originator of the library, Dr. Greg Elgar at the UK HGMP Resource Centre, for providing the clone in any publication arising out of using this resource. Clones (e.g. 202-P6) should be cited as: "B202p06 from the Fugu BAC library (Dr. G. Elgar, UK HGMP Resource Centre)".

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