Human Full ORF Lentiviral Expression Clones (ORFeomeV8.1)

The Human ORFeome V8.1 Lentiviral Library is a genome-scale collection of FULL ORF Expression Clones developed by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and The Broad Institute. The main goal was to provide an extensive sequence-confirmed collection which enables both targeted experiments in, and large-scale screening of, mammalian cells. The collection comprises over 15,000 human ORFs in an expression-ready lentiviral system.

  • Ready-to-use Full ORF Expression Clones for gain-of-function studies
  • Lentiviral vector allows transduction of almost any mammalian cell type
  • CMV promoter drives strong protein expression
  • Blasticidin resistance for selection of transduced cells
  • Generation of fusion proteins with a V5 tag facilitating further applications
  • Fully sequenced & annotated clones
  • Extensive collection: over 12,700 ORFs covering ~11,000 human genes

Protocols / Clone Handling

Additional Information

For all CCSB-Broad clones, the empirical sequencing results for individual clones can be viewed at the Broad Institute’s Public TRC Portal:

The originator provides additional information regarding the annotation of the hORFeome v8.1 libraries:

Please use the link below to find some protocols concerning the application of the collection:


More information on the creation of this library can be found in the following publication:

  1. Yang, et al., A public genome-scale lentiviral expression library of human ORFs. Nat Methods 8(8), 659-661 (2011).

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