• The Impact of COVID-19 on the Colorectal Cancer Pathway

    5 Mar 2021

    The UK’s effective pathway for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer that is essential to achieving a favorable outcome has been damaged by the onset of COVID.

  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Storage

    8 Feb 2021

    Creating a disaster recovery plan in the event of an unforeseen emergency, when considering stability storage is key to the success of the study. This should include a thorough investigation of all potential sources of risk to understand what needs to be put in place to mitigate these. Additionally, adding a contingency storage plan at a secondary site is essential and will help to de-risk stability programs against a range of potential issues.

  • Have you ever wondered why your medicine is presented in an amber bottle?

    8 Feb 2021

    A large number of drug products are light sensitive and therefore their formulated products may degrade during manufacturing, storage, and administration. This could result in potency loss, altered efficacy, and adverse biological effects.

  • Integrated storage and delivery solutions from Source BioScience provide a…

    18 Dec 2020

    Source BioScience UK Ltd (Nottingham, UK), an international supplier of state-of-the-art laboratory services and products, is liaising with agencies across England to support efforts to establish storage and delivery systems to safely distribute the recently approved COVID 19 vaccine.

  • Oxford Nanopore and SourceBio announce commercial partnership for UK COVID…

    15 Dec 2020

    Oxford Nanopore Technologies Limited (“Oxford Nanopore”), a leading next generation DNA/RNA sequencing technology company and SourceBio International plc (“SourceBio”), an international provider of integrated state of the art laboratory services and products, announce a strategic commercial partnership to offer a commercially available COVID-19 testing solution to corporate customers wishing to provide high quality testing to their employees or other stakeholders, at scale. The test will also be offered to consumers.

  • Genotyping at Source BioScience

    5 Oct 2020

    The average difference between any two human genomes is small, probably less than 0.1%. The genotyping differences are made up of variations in individual nucleotides (SNPs).

  • Bioinformatics: Data, data everywhere

    22 Sep 2020

    ‘Bioinformatics’ is the catch-all term for how we capture, organise, analyse, store and share all that data. Read more here.

  • Disaster Recovery

    8 Sep 2020

    As the regulatory bodies continue to evolve and increase their requirements, fashions change; and now the requirement from the FDA/MHRA/HPRA commands that all companies must have a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Management plan in place.

  • Genomics Services and COVID-19

    22 Jun 2020

    Source BioScience is an internationally recognised provider of pathology services to the healthcare and biopharma communities. We are proud to be supporting PHE and the NHS in their SARS-CoV-2 testing program, and are now offering PCR-based testing for employees of public and private organisations working at the front-line of this pandemic crisis, as well as patients and others at risk.