• Source BioScience completes £18.5m strategic acquisition of LDPath Ltd to …

    8 Mar 2022

    Source BioScience completes £18.5m strategic acquisition of LDPath Ltd to reimagine the future of pathology by combining cellular and digital pathology platforms.

  • Outsourcing Servicing: Choosing the Right Partner

    5 Aug 2021

    Stability storage is undertaken on a variety of pharmaceutical products including tablets, capsules, liquids, creams, gels and a variety of medical devices. As part of the stability storage trial, products are stored in equipment to replicate various environmental conditions, and at various time points, those products are subject to a variety of analytical tests.

  • 5 Reasons why you can’t afford to ignore a Service Contract

    1 Jul 2021

    Service contracts are a vital way to prevent unwanted costs and, potentially, disastrous disruptions to a minimum, while keeping your equipment performing at an optimal level, through timely preventative maintenance inspections. Click to read our five reasons why a service contract is a necessary and very cost-effective option.

  • Mind your PQs and OQs

    4 May 2021

    Helping you differentiate between IQ, OQ and PQ and decide what is right for you. Regulations require that quality is ensured throughout the life cycle of a product. This means that manufacturers are responsible for product quality from manufacture to until it is used by the patient. This requirement is standardised under EU regulations as good distribution practices (GDPs) and is best practice for the global movement of pharmaceutical materials and products.

  • Outsourcing Stability Studies: Choosing the Right Partner

    12 Mar 2021

    A growing number of pharmaceutical companies are choosing to outsource stability storage trials, rather than undertaking them in-house, for a variety of reasons. Read more...

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on the Colorectal Cancer Pathway

    5 Mar 2021

    The UK’s effective pathway for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer that is essential to achieving a favorable outcome has been damaged by the onset of COVID.

  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Storage

    8 Feb 2021

    Creating a disaster recovery plan in the event of an unforeseen emergency, when considering stability storage is key to the success of the study. This should include a thorough investigation of all potential sources of risk to understand what needs to be put in place to mitigate these. Additionally, adding a contingency storage plan at a secondary site is essential and will help to de-risk stability programs against a range of potential issues.

  • Have you ever wondered why your medicine is presented in an amber bottle?

    8 Feb 2021

    A large number of drug products are light sensitive and therefore their formulated products may degrade during manufacturing, storage, and administration. This could result in potency loss, altered efficacy, and adverse biological effects.

  • Integrated storage and delivery solutions from Source BioScience provide a…

    18 Dec 2020

    Source BioScience UK Ltd (Nottingham, UK), an international supplier of state-of-the-art laboratory services and products, is liaising with agencies across England to support efforts to establish storage and delivery systems to safely distribute the recently approved COVID 19 vaccine.