• Validation

    23 May 2018

    Source Bioscience validation department offers full on-site validation and calibration for environmental rooms/chambers, incubators, refrigerators, freezers and all associated monitoring equipment such as data logging systems and chart recorders.

  • Walk-in & reach-in rooms

    2 May 2018

    At Source BioScience, we have been designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning GMP and FDA, compliant controlled environmental equipment for stability storage testing for over twenty-five years.

  • Off-site Stability Storage

    10 Apr 2018

    We have three stability storage facilities across our business, Rochdale, Tramore and Los Angeles. During our history, we have provided off site, controlled temperature and humidity stability storage for many of the blue-chip and top 20 global pharmaceutical companies as well as various other contract laboratories.

  • Source BioScience & Digital Pathology

    20 Mar 2018

    At Source BioScience we see first-hand the pressure NHS pathology labs are under with the lack of digital pathology. The need to meet the two weeks wait (TWW) is never ending for departments with a lack of consultants, BMS’s and limited pool of new entries in to the pathology educational system. Coupled with case complexity increasing and the number of blocks and slides being generated, it is pushing already stretched departments to the limit.

  • Whole Exome Sequencing

    6 Mar 2018

    The exome is the protein-coding region of the human genome. Although there are over 3 billion base pairs in the human genome, the exome is representative of only 2%. Approximately 85% of all known disease related variants are located within the exome, which allows researchers to focus their resources if they are interested in disease causing variants.