The Times and Raconteur Public Sector Innovation 2022 Report

The Times and Raconteur Public Sector Innovation 2022 Report highlights key challenges facing public sector bodies, including the NHS, in times of economic uncertainty. How can progressive digital policies help? And what's the most important technology to boost efficiency and cut cancer diagnostic waiting times?

Source LDPath are the first providers of a milestone digital pathology integration model as part of its ground-breaking approach and proprietary technology to transform diagnostics within the NHS and within private hospitals.

It is now a multi year trend to see a nationwide, in fact global, pathologist shortage, alongside a strained healthcare workforce with no signs of a trend reversal. Cancer waiting times in the UK, especially around diagnostics in pathology, have been rising for over a decade, leading to many patients getting delayed access to diagnosis and treatment.

Access the The Times and Raconteur Public Sector Innovation 2022 Report to find out more about Public Sector issues facing the UK today.

Digital Pathology has the potential to address these issues; however, extreme pressures of demand and complex legacy systems provide significant barriers to the application of these innovative technologies to benefit service users and improve diagnostic outcomes.

Source LDPath has a history of innovation and flexibility in adopting new digital possibilities for partners as they take their first, or further, steps into the digital world.



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