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Precision Medicine Portal

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Precision Medicine

Source BioScience is working with the most progressive pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and academic organisations to bring precision medicine to people around the world, using the latest technologies from our ISO accredited laboratories.

We provide:

dedicated highly qualified and experienced scientists to support you throughout your project

the highest quality data output and service

unrivalled turnaround times

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Mission Statement

Our ambition is to help clinicians, researchers and other healthcare providers in predicting more accurately which treatment and prevention strategies for a particular disease will help achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. From market-leading digital pathology and AI, to genetic testing and bespoke genomic projects, we are here to support you in achieving your research and/or clinical goals. 

"At Source, our single focus is on improving patient diagnosis, management, and care. Our core strength resides in our ability to mobilize our vast resources to respond to emerging needs, whether by boosting our histopathological analysis capacity to meet the rapidly increasing demand at local hospitals or creating an altogether novel infectious disease testing unit to meet the COVID-19 global public health emergency.”

Jay LeCoque, Executive Chairman and CEO