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Alcohol Hand Rubs

Alcohol Hand Rubs

70% ethyl alcohol for skin disinfection. Contains moisturisers, emollients and special skin protection ingredients.

        Practice Hand Hygiene Pack

  • 500ml ‘Bell’ container – free standing, case of 25, product code, H8750
  • 500ml 'Boston' container, case of 25, product code H8751
  • 50ml ‘Tottle’ personal dispenser with pocket/belt clip + sprayhead, case of 50, product code H8761
  • 50ml ‘Tottle’ personal dispenser with sprayhead (no pocket/belt clip), case of 50, product code H8762
  • Replacement ‘Tottle’ pocket/belt clips, case of 50, product code H8765 

        Alcohol Hand Rub Wall Dispensers

  • Wall mounted dispenser to take 1 litre disposable cartridge, product code H8753
  • 1 litre disposable cartridge for wall mounted dispenser, case of 12, product code H8754
  • 900ml wall mounted dispenser with re-fillable cartridge, product code H8758
  • 5 litre container of alcohol hand rub for filling H8758 dispensers, 4 x 5 litres per carton, product code H8755
  • Pump dispenser for H8755, product code H8756

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