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Phosphate-buffered Serology Saline (PBSS)

Phosphate-buffered Serology Saline (PBSS)

Our Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline provides a stable, standardised solution, optimised for washing red cells in preparation for subsequent analysis.
In accordance with the recommendations of The British Blood Transfusion Society, Source BioScience PBSS is prepared from high purity water and buffered to a pH of 7.00 ± 0.05. Packed in 10, 12, and 20 litre cartons, the outlets can be connected to any cell washer, or can be shelf mounted for beaker or wash bottle filling.
This reagent is subject to a strict biochemical QC, with the osmolarity set at 290mOsm/Kg ± 5. Biochemical QC parameters are provided for all cartons.


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