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Checkzyme, an extract from the seeds of Glycine soja or max, agglutinates sialic acid-depleted red cells. Consequently, red cells which have been appropriately treated with a proteolytic enzyme will be agglutinated by the extract. Checkzyme is, therefore, an indispensable serology tool for determining successful proteolytic enzyme pre-treatment of red cells. All negative results from the enzyme phase of any tests involving enzyme pre-treatment (e.g. the crossmatch test), should have one drop of Checkzyme added and a positive result obtained. A negative result indicates inadequate enzyme pre-treatment; hence, the test must be repeated. With the exception of red cells from individuals of the phenotypes Mk and En(a-), and red cells from patients who are T-exposed, all red cells will give a negative reaction with Checkzyme, prior to treatment with a proteolytic enzyme.

Red Cell Support Solution (RCSS)

Product Code: 04-137
Price: £426.50
  • Made specifically for blood banking serology laboratories
  • Conforms to the recognised blood banking authority’s recommendations and regulations.
  • Manufactured in our state of the art facility in Rochdale to GMP standards.


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