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Compact & Bench-top Blood Banks

Compact & Bench-top Blood Banks

Models 1510/1520/1530

Designed for bench or table top siting, these cabinets are easily rcompact Bench-top blood bankselocatable.

By specifying the optional castors and special handles these cabinets can be used to transport blood from
the main blood store to theatre, ward, etc.

The excellent insulation qualities and mains independent chart recorder ensure that the blood
is protected at all times.

Model Capacity Dimensions Weight packed
1510 32 bags W610 x D720 x H700 mm 75 kg
1520 64 bags W610 x D720 x H920 mm 90 kg
1530 96 bags W610 x D720 x H1140 mm 105 kg

Key features

  • Type 1 cabinets feature a single CFC free refrigeration system with integral defrost
  • Type 2 cabinets are fitted with dual auto cycling CFC free refrigeration systems
  • Digital thermometer provides an indication of the temperature of the air surrounding the blood bags to an accuracy of ±0.5°C
  • Comprehensive audio/visual alarm system protects the blood at all times
  • 7 day, mains independent, chart recorder


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