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Pass-through Blood Banks

Pass-through Blood Banks

Pass through blood banks are ideally suited for ‘hole in the wall’ applications. Side trims are available to secure the cabinet once installed.

The pass through section can be restricted to a single drawer, a number of drawers, one side or the whole cabinet. Access can thus be controlled as necessary.

The sliding drawer system will extend fully.

  • Type 1 cabinets feature a single CFC free refrigeration system with integral defrost
  • Type 2 cabinets are fitted with dual auto cycling CFC free refrigeration systems. Under normal conditions the systems will cycle every 12 hours thus providing a regular off cycle defrost period. Electrical supply is simply a standard 13amp outlet (except 1522PT which is a 15amp spur outlet)
  • A digital thermometer provides an indication of the temperature of the air surrounding the blood bags to an accuracy of ±0.5oC and a comprehensive audio/visual alarm system protects the blood at all times. Over and under temperature alarms are set at +2oC and +8oC
  • A 7 day, mains independent, chart recorder is located within the control panel and features a lockable cover


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