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Touch Screen Data Loggers

Touch Screen Data Loggers

Models 2300 / 2400  with Built-in Data Protection & Traceability

The Source Bioscience 2300/2400 series of data loggers offer a completely automated and configurable solution for monitoring all kinds of refrigeration, freezer, cold rooms, water and humidity applications.

The system provides the ability to automatically monitor and record data from all laboratory equipment in one easy place. Data collected may be viewed locally on the high resolution TFT display utilising touch screen technology or viewed over a corporate network on a remote PC.

Features include:

  • Easy to use colour touchscreen display
  • Full secure Audit Trail – 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • Universal inputs (dc Volts, dc millivolts, dc milliamps, thermocouple, 2/3 – wire RTD, contact closure)
  • Real-time data with selectable sampling frequency
  • Alarm delays
  • Alarm options (email, SMS, visual or auto dialler)
  • Electronic signing & authorising
  • Operator specific access according to authority level
  • Controlled signature elements (password expiry, minimum password length, automatic log-off, automatic disabling & notification on failed login attempts)
  • Unlimited, unique, operator accounts & password
  • Electronically signed operator notes
  • Customisable screens
  • Math Channels (Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT), Minimum, Maximum, Average & more as required)


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