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Anhydric Incubators

Anhydric Incubators

Models 2286/2386/2486/2589
Anhydric Incubators

Designed and manufactured to a high specification these bench top incubators include polished stainless steel
interior, fan circulation, electronic temperature control and a hard wearing white epoxy enamel finish.
Available optional extras are digital safety monitor, temperature/time cycling, access ports, cooling coil and 
choice of recorder.
Special options can be incorporated to meet specific requirements and have in the past included castors, illumination, various gas mixtures, roller equipment and colour variations.

Model 2286 2386 2486 2589
Capacity 80 litres 157 litres 236 litres 330 litres

Models 2600/2799/2804
 Anhydric Incubators 2600

A heavy duty model featuring aluminium interior, fan circulation and digital temperature control and display. Defrosting is fully automatic and all drip water is evaporated to atmosphere.
The refrigeration systems are easily accessible for cleaning or routine servicing. This model has double doors.


Model 2600 2799 2804
Capacity 400 litres 821 litres 1235 litres

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