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Chilled Incubators

Chilled Incubators

Models 513/513 S/516

Purpose built cabinets designed to provide stable working temperatures from -10°C to +65°C.
The polished stainless steel interior and shelving provide a clean and sterile working chamber which is easy to maintain.

A digital thermometer allows constant monitoring of the chamber temperature
to an accuracy of ±0.1°C.
Optional over and under temperature alarms give audible and visual warnings of deviation from set point. 

Model 513 513S 516
Capacity 210 litres 330 litres 570 litres

Models 5600/5799/5804Chilled Incubator

Developed from our highly successful 5000 series cabinet, these chilled
incubators are well suited to larger volume application.

These incubators benefit from the same features as the 513, 513S and 516 models.

Model 5600 5799 5804
Capacity 400 litres 835 litres 1260 litres


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