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Photostability Cabinets

Photostability Cabinets

The ICH Harmonised Tripartite Guideline covering stability testing of new drugs and drug products notes that light testing should be an integral part of stress testing. This cabinet is designed to meet the recommendations for photostability testing.

The light source is based upon Artificial Daylight lamps that combine both visible and ultra violet outputs similar to the D65/ID65 emission standard. Initial light outputs are greater than 10,000 lux and 0.8 watts per square metre at all points 200mm from light source. The cabinet will achieve “at least 1.2 million lux hours” and “at least 200 watt hours per square metre” in less than 14 days even allowing for a 25% lamp fade over 9,000 hours.

The need for a refrigeration system has been eliminated, the cabinet will perform to specifications in normal ambient temperatures up to 21ºC. The working space is able to be validated and an elapsed time meter constantly monitors lamp life. A range of optional extras includes constant monitoring of both lux and ultraviolet levels.


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