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Custom / Bespoke Design Walk-in Rooms

Custom/Bespoke Design Walk-in Rooms

Source BioScience have been designing and manufacturing bespoke environmental (temperature, humidity & light) controlled storage chambers for over 25 years to meet all ICH and bespoke conditions to meet the specific needs of our customers all around the world.

Source Bioscience design and manufacture at our GMP compliant facility in the UK, then we deliver to client site, install and commission controlled environmental walk-in rooms for standard ICH and bespoke conditions. After installation and commissioning we are also able to offer validation services. 

Source BioScience provide products that meets the needs of the following:

  • Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Medical Device Storage
  • Biological Storage
  • Heritage & Conservation Storage
  • Providing conditions for a range of different industries

Source BioScience environmental chambers are designed to provide climatic controls for long term, intermediate and short term storage.

The benefits of working with Source BioScience are numerous and include:

  • Flexibility – Ability to adapt the design of our systems to meet the volume requirements of our clients storage requirements
  • Optimum temperature & humidity control that meet your specifications
  • Cost effective storage solutions for those who need on-site storage
  • High quality engineering capabilities with decades of expertise in mechanical, electrical & refrigeration disciplines
  • Highly skilled service & validation technicians to meet the after sales requirements
  • Choice of materials used and internal storage set up


For further information and prices please contact us or call +44 (0)115 973 9012 

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