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Tag Antibodies

Tag Antibodies

Epitope tagging is a simple and convenient way to assist with detecting or purifying recombinant proteins.

Established and validated antibodies are available which detect the tags and Source BioScience provide antibodies against the following tags along with agarose beads for tagged protein purification.

To explore the epitope tag antibodies we offer, simply click on the links below and filter the results by application or conjugate:

AU1 tag

GFP tag

KT3 tag

SBP tag

AU5 tag

Glu-Glu tag

MBP tag


CBP tag

GST tag

mCherry tag

T7 tag

D Tag

HA tag

Myc tag

Trx tag

DDDDK (Flag)

HIS tag

RFP tag

V5 tag

E tag

HSV tag

S tag

VSV-G tag

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