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jetPRIME® is a powerful and versatile transfection reagent from Polyplus Transfection which ensures high DNA transfection efficiency and excellent gene silencing in a variety of adherent cells.

jetPRIME® is ideal for DNA/siRNA co-transfection and is very gentle on cells since it requires low amounts of reagent and nucleic acid during transfection. Effective and nontoxic DNA and siRNA delivery is essential for reliable scientific results.

  • High DNA transfection efficiency
  • Low amounts of nucleic acid
  • Superior cell viability
  • ONE reagent for DNA and/or siRNA transfections
  • Cost-effective


Molecule delivered - DNA, siRNA, DNA & siRNA.


  • Plasmid transfection
  • Genome editing
  • Virus production
  • siRNA transfection
  • Co-delivery of different nucleic acids

Cell types

Adherent cell lines grown in presence of serum.

jetPRIME: siRNA, DNA and co-transfection reagent

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