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RNP Transfection for Genome Editing

RNP Transfection for Genome Editing - jetCRISPR™

jetCRISPR™ is an innovative reagent especially designed to deliver RNP in a CRISPR/Cas9 experiment. jetCRISPR™ leads to high CRISPR genome editing efficiency and keep an excellent cell viability and morphology. Use the leading technology for CRISPR/Cas9 RNP delivery!

  • Specifically designed for Cas9 protein and guide RNA delivery
  • High genome editing efficiency
  • Excellent cell viability and morphology
  • Fast and reliable gene editing
  • Easy to use: Reverse and Forward protocols


  • Molecule delivered: Ribonucleoprotein: Guide RNA and Cas9 protein
  • Application: CRISPR mediated Genome editing
  • Cell types: Adherent and suspension cells
  • Number of transfections:  1.5 ml of jetCRISPR™ transfection reagent is sufficient to perform up to 1 250 transfections in 24-well plates or 300 transfections in 6-well plates
  • Storage: 4 °C, stable for 6 months (502-01) to at least one year (other packaging sizes) when stored appropriately

Free of charge samples available for testing!

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jetCRISPR RNP transfection reagent

Product Code: 502-01
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