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Genetex 10ul for £10 Antibody Trial

GeneTex strives to serve and accelerate life science research by creating essential biomedical reagents where quality can be found in every vial. GeneTex antibodies are supported by extensive research, development and validation, with products spanning Cancer, Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Immunology, Infectious Disease, Metabolism, Neuroscience, Signal transduction, Stem Cell and Zebrafish.

GeneTex continue to provide the research community with the highest quality and most stringently validated antibodies by engaging CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockout and shRNA-based knockdown technologies to generate cell lysates with diminished or absent levels of the target protein. These lysates are used for western blot assays to confirm antibody specificity. Antibodies passed the KO/KD test will be labeled with the icon. KO/KD validated

To support researchers, Genetex offer a 10ul aliquot of selected antibodies for £10 and focus on different research areas each month.

October Focus - Mitochondria Research

Mitochondria are dual-membrane organelles essential for the production of >90% of the metabolic energy in the eukaryotic cell. Their structural features include inner and outer membranes that bound an intermembrane space. The inner membrane is arranged into folds called cristae, which reach into the central matrix. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to such natural processes as aging in addition to being a key factor in a plethora of neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, metabolic, autoimmune, and neoplastic pathologies that plague humans.

GeneTex proudly offers a selection of high quality mitochondrial markers. 

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1. The list is valid from the 1st-31st October 2017
2. Up to 3 items per customer each month.
3. Shipping costs will apply

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