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Clone EST clone: IMAGp998N0115707Q

IMPORTANT NOTE: The insert of this clone may not represent the latest annotation of the respective gene. Please make sure that the sequence referenced for this clone does actually meet your requirements (see the "Sequence" section below).
Gene Symbolsi:dkey-228b2.6
SpeciesDanio rerio
Alternative Name7451715 (IMAGE ID)
SourceSpecies: Danio rerio; Strain: wild type; Sex: mixed; Organ: embryo; Tissue: whole embryos staged from 2-8 hr postfertilization, approximately 2500 embryos total; Stage: embryo
Cloning SitesCloning Site 3s: DraIII; Cloning Site 5s: DraIII
HostHost Species: E. coli; Host Strain: DH10B TonA
Growth ConditionsGrowth Conditions medium: LB; Growth Conditions antibiotic: Amp (50 µg/ml)
Clone AccessionCV482245
Standard £63.00 Sequence Verified £83.00 Purified Plasmid £93.00