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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The team at Source BioScience understand the realities of modern pharmaceutical analysis and the need to provide GMP Quality Control solutions uniquely tailored to individual customer requirements. 

We are able to provide a comprehensive analysis of raw materials and finished products according to customer specifications or pharmacopoeial testing to BP/EP/USP/JP as required.

Source BioScience chemists have extensive experience of many active pharmaceutical ingredients with a wide range of dosage forms including solid dose, sterile injectibles, inhalation products, transdermal and cytotoxic products.

Analytical Services include:

  • Full method development, validation and remediation
  • Analytical method transfer and cross validation
  • Finished product batch release testing
  • Raw material testing
  • Stability indicating method development and testing
  • API content
  • Related substances and impurity testing
  • Metals analysis
  • Residual solvents analysis
  • Water determination (Karl Fischer method)
  • Dissolution and disintegration testing
  • Particle size analysis by laser diffraction


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