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Cervical Screening System - FocalPoint™

Cervical Screening System - FocalPoint™

No other automated imaging system can offer this feature

  • The system detects morphologic changes associated with epithelial abnormalities and specimen adequacy
  • Removes the requirement for expensive locums
  • Assists with LEAN working practices
  • Supports 14 day turnaround time
  • Complements existing laboratory workflow
  • Each slide is scanned 5 times
  • Can be used with multiple sites
  • Both glass and plastic coverslipps can be used
  • Can be integrated with Laboratory Information System
  • Minimal operator intervention
  • All training and support provided by Source BioScience
  • Remote diagnostic monitoring

Approval by the NHS Cervical Cancer Screening Programme ('NHSCSP')

The FocalPoint™ NFR is the only automated cervical screening system approved for use within the NHS cervical screening programme. The FocalPoint™ NFR was approved following recommendations from the Health Technology Assessment MAVARIC trial, which was published in March 2011*. The trial demonstrated both the clinical performance of the FocalPoint™ NFR and cost benefits compared with manual screening.

*Kitchener HC, Blanks R, Cubie H, Desai M, Dunn G, Legood R, et al.MAVARIC - a comparison of automation-assisted and manual cervical screening: a randomised controlled trial. Health Technol Assess 2011;15(3).

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