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SurePath™ LBC

SurePath™ LBC

The SurePath™ system is the most widely used liquid based cytology system in the UK and Ireland.

Effective detection

  • The SurePath™ system sets new standards of efficacy in LBC, greatly reducing false negative results and providing increased confidence in the detection of invasive cancer and precancerous changes to the cell where early detection is important
  • Consistent high Positive Predictive Values, resulting in the identification of ‘true’ disease

Optimal collection

  • SurePath™ ensures 100% of the collected sample is sent to the laboratory providing standardisation in the collection process
  • The retention of the brush head in the container eliminates the risk of any abnormal cells being discarded with the sampling device
  • The SurePath™ system is the only NICE piloted system to use an ethanol based preservative as the collection medium
  • The ethanol based preservative ensures that the cells are released into the vial and do NOT adhere to the brush head
  • Ability to monitor sample taker procedures

Unique enrichment system

  • The Unique density gradient centrifugation process is highly effective at removing obscuring blood, mucous and polymorphs while still retaining the important diagnostic material. All samples are processed using a standardised protocol
  • An adequacy rate of less than 2% is achieved without the requirement of any additional pre-processing steps even at an adequacy level of 15,000 cells
  • Each sample can be processed to produce up to 8-10 equally representative slides. Samples can be stored at room temperature for 4 weeks and 6 months if placed in the fridge allowing additional adjunctive tests such as HPV to be performed if required
  • Compatible with all NHSCSP approved HPV tests for triage and test of cure


  • Processing is undertaken on the highly reliable PrepStain™ (98% uptime)
  • Staining is included as an integral part of the system ensuring a high degree of standardisation and efficiency benefits
  • All labelling is completed at the start of the process ensuring 'chain of custody' throughout
  • All samples are barcoded and include additional identification details such as Name, DOB and Human Readable number as required by the NHSCSP
  • Stained slides are removed from the PrepStain™ and can be coverslipped ready for screening
  • All consumables and reagents are provided for sample collection, processing and are inclusive in price per test

Quality Assurance

  • The unique enrichment system ensures the slide produced reflects the cellularity of the sample taken and reduces the need for unnecessary repeat processing
  • Individual smear taker performance can be monitored as all sample collected is sent to the laboratory for testing
  • Reported increased detection of glandular abnormalities

Cost effectiveness

  • The SurePath™ system ensures unparalleled cost effectiveness in both gynae and non-gynae cytology
  • The low inadequacy rate reduces costs associated with repeat recall and processing
  • The price per test is inclusive of all equipment and reagents, there are no hidden costs

Patient confidence

  • The low inadequate rate and high positive predictive values provides the patient with confidence and clinical reassurance

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