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Specialist Reporting of Pre-prepared Slides

Specialist Reporting of Pre-prepared Slides

Processing and reporting of pre-prepared slides

Pre-prepared slides (slides that have already been prepared in your department) are collected by courier and delivered next day to our facilities in Nottingham using a secure tracked medical courier to provide a timely, cost effective and safe support service to customers and their patients.

The Company has a dedicated Customer Support team, who manage the process from sample receipt, to laboratory processing and reporting.  Unique patient/case identification is assured using sample bar-coding which is present on all paperwork, blocks, slides.

Upon receipt cases are logged and distributed to a member of our specialist consultant team. Cases are reported and authorised by the specialist consultant within our in-house developed Online Reporting Centre (OPC) and immediately available electronically in Microsoft Word format to the Trust within an average of 3 working days.

Source BioScience provide Second Opinion and Duty of Care and Investigative Audit services when required. All work is conducted with the utmost confidentiality in full accordance with GMC and RCPath guidelines. This aspect of our business provides confidence in diagnosis and channels knowledge into other pathology centres adding to the skill base and improving awareness of uncommon cases.

Report provision

Source BioScience has been IgSoC approved for 5 years which requires all necessary safeguards for, and appropriate use of, patient and personal information.

The Source BioScience electronic reporting delivery system, the Secure Portal Access (SPA), is used to return reports back to the Trust in Microsoft Word format in a fast and highly secure manner. This portal uses 256 bit challenge/response authentication to ensure data security. Information is retrieved by each user using a secure key fob(s), user name and password. Multiple users can be assigned access according to the Trust’s needs.

The SPA can be accessed via the following link Access for users should be arranged through your Account Manager or by contacting [email protected].

For further information and prices please contact us or call +44 (0)115 973 9012

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