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Personal Health

Personal Health

Good Personal Health is about achieving a balance in the processes, functions and systems that allows every person to live healthy lives through their Emotional, Intellectual and Physical wellbeing at all stages of life.

Source BioScience is committed to ensuring all individuals get the opportunity to achieve that balance by providing services that individuals, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations can use meet their goals.

Our laboratory is accredited to the ISO15189:2012 – Medical Laboratories standard. A full list of tests covered by this accreditation can be found here.

Implicit in this are the right of men and women to be informed of and to have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of diagnosis and monitoring of their physical health.

Many diseases go undiagnosed or are diagnosed after damage has been done to an individual’s physical health.

A major area of health that is affected this way is sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This is the reason Source BioScience has invested heavily in provide STI testing services.

We are also working on other Personal Health testing services which we will be launching soon so please revisit this section of website regularly for more information on our growing Personal Health Portfolio.

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